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by | 16th, July 2004

‘JUST think – if designer babies had been possible in 1962, Vanessa Feltz might never have been the woman she is today.

Khan’s place in the German goal could soon be under threat

While such a fantasy makes anti-cloning campaigners reconsider their positions, the Guardian brings news of how the Human Genetics Commission will soon be debating such wonderment.

As the Guardian says, the HGC has just launched a three-month programme called Choosing The Future to study the nation’s attitudes to new developments in genetic science, including those designer babies.

This will prove to be an interesting study, weighing up the pros of a Feltz-free world with the cons of a planet where everyone adheres to a man-made norm (although this is already the way in large parts of Hollywood).

One man, however, will not be looking on with great interest because he already knows what all people should look like.

Herr Jurgen Rieger is a German, who, the Independent says, is planning to open an Aryan-style baby farm in Lower Saxony.

Having spoken at length about the “disastrous effects of bastardising races”, the 57-year-old former member of the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party says that “the white giants are coming”.

Should Herr Rieger get the go ahead from the local politicos, wannabe white giants can apply for an intense course of shagging other wannbe white giants at Heisenhof, a turn-of-the-century manor house.

The rest of us can just look forward the to the new breed, who will able to reach the top shelf of newsagents with enviable ease and replace Oliver Khan in goal for the German national football team…’

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