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Flames Of Passion

by | 16th, July 2004

‘WHO says Germans are a humourless bunch? Not anyone who’s read the news of how an 18-year-old German came unstuck when he tried to impress his girlfriend.

Having got his lover back to his house, the young cove wanted to show her how he’d lit hundred of candles in her honour. They even spelt out a message in the shape of a heart.

And the message? “You set my heart on fire.”

It was a grand gesture that she will remember until her dotage, especially since the candles created a heat so intense the candle wax that had dripped onto the floor of the house caught light. The house then caught fire. The house burnt down.

The young man told police: ‘My girlfriend didn’t even see the message, all I have left of it is a photograph – and she was not in the mood to look at that when she realised what had happened.”

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