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Sven Plays Away

by | 19th, July 2004

‘YOU can argue about the existence of WMDs, debate the toss on whether Posh, Rebecca Loos, David Beckham or a sandy penalty spot was to blame, but there can be argument that Sven Goran Eriksson is a passionate man.

‘Where’s the asterisk button on this phone?’

The way Sven’s eyes almost flicker and his pupils dilate when England concede a goal, and his Marlon Brando-like post-match interviews in which each of his few words is delivered with maximum thought and a seductive ‘er…’, are among the more obvious signs of his vigour.

Charismatic Sven might talk softly, but he needs to carry a big stick to beat off all the women who come to his door, entranced by his allure.

Only Sven might not have been wielding his stick with as much gusto as he should, as we learn in the Express that England’s head football coach is alleged to have been having an affair with a ‘mystery girl’.

We also learn that this new flame looks just like his current lover Nancy Dell’Olio, is English of foreign extraction and was pulled after a campaign of ‘sexy phone calls’.

We never get to hear the woman’s name – well, not yet – although we do learn in the Sun that the Football Association deny claims that the brunette works for a senior figure at the organisation.

We also hear that Sven and Nancy are still together, even though they are holidaying in separate locations, she in a villa outside Rome and he in tropical Norway.

And in among the hints and nudges we never learn what Sven is supposed to have said to his new lover on the phone, and nothing of the text messages he may or may not have sent.

‘The word was that Sven had been texting her,’ says a ‘close friend’ of the Swedish sexpot in the Sun. ‘But he never texts. I don’t think he knows how to.’

But we know a man close to Sven who does, apparently. And it’s intriguing to think of David Beckham sending some of his own mobile missives to Sven to forward to some new paramour.

Or that Sven somehow got hold of his captain’s phone and pressed redial…’

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