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One Small Step

by | 19th, July 2004

‘WHOEVER said love hurts was right. And if one woman knows how painful matters of the heart can be, it’s Leslie Ash.

‘Your plaice or mine, fishface?’

With what the Express calls ‘pain and determination etched on her face’, the actress inches forward along the London pavement as she takes the air from her hospital bed.

These are a few small steps for a woman, but a big leap for the paper which splashes the event across pages two and three beneath the headline, ‘Leslie’s Agonising Steps’.

But she is, as the Mail says in its headline, ‘Back On Her Feet’ – and doting husband Lee Chapman’s supportive arm plans to keep her there.

Lee’s been a rock ever since his wife contacted Methicillin-Sensitive Staphylococcus Aureus in hospital, where she was recovering from injuries caused in an, er, energetic sex session.

Chapman might be an animal who never hit his wife in his own home, but he’s also got a tender touch that the world got to see as he propped up his wife in a public show of affection.

The new poster-girl of the MRSA superbug generation (her condition is related to the scourge of hospital wards) is truly in safe hands.

And so long as they don’t try to kiss or engage in anything more gymnastic, she should make progress nicely…’

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