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A Loose Canon

by | 19th, July 2004

‘WHEN the Reverend Dewi James decided to fire a few blanks into the air to scare away some pigeons, he didn’t realise quite the effect he would have.

Not only did he scare the pigeons, but he scared his neighbours as well – and before long his house was surrounded by seven armed police and a helicopter.

The former vicar of St Mary’s Church said he had used his revolver to scare away the birds – and dismissed the whole incident as “amusing”.

‘I laughed in their faces and said ‘Come on boys – if you damage those trees, then you can pay for them,” he said.

‘I was worried about my windows, because bullets would have passed through me and smashed them. Really, I ought not to pay my council tax because it goes towards their uniforms and their guns.’

Police confiscated Rev James’s gun.’

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