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Run, Chicken, Run

by | 19th, July 2004

‘ON the back of each Big Brother contestant’s 15 minutes of fame, their mates get to enjoy 15 seconds in the spotlight as well, sharing with us their insights into the behaviour of the various housemates.

Resistance is futile

Take Stuart, for instance. His friends have been queuing up to explain to the newspapers what is going on between their man and fellow housemate Michelle Bass.

Stuart, we learn from one friend, is a man of very strong morals – which is why he won’t sleep with Michelle in the full glare of the cameras. Things will be different when both are out of the house.

Not so, says another. He is just stringing the would-be glamour model along in order to prolong his stay in the house and will dump her like a hot potato as soon as he gets out.

Rubbish, says a third. He will shag her once and then move on. “It’s nothing personal,” explains the friend on question. “That’s how he is with women.”

Clearly Stuart’s mates don’t know him from Adam. Neither do we, but we do know that if he’s got any sense he won’t stop running from the moment the door to the Big Brother house opens until his dying day.

It’s his only chance of giving the psycho Geordie bunny-boiler the slip…’

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