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Kevin The Rat

by | 19th, July 2004

‘KEVIN is not a name you immediately associate with love and romance.

Britney – fed a line?

And even after hearing Britney Spears enthuse about her Kevin, one Kevin Federline, to whom she’s engaged to be married, the link seems a little tenuous.

For starters, she proposed to him. While we applaud her pluck – and the marketing team that transformed a plain girl into a superstar – and rave about her free mind and girl power, things look shaky when we hear Kevin’s reply: no.

He turned her down. Not because he’d seen the way she behaved with husband No.1 Jason Alexander and thought that marriage might be less the start and more the end of their love affair, but – according to OK! – because he wanted to do things right.

So he waited a couple of minutes after her proposal and then made his own. And she accepted.

Which meant that the next step was to get the ring. And here’s where traditional Kevin wised up.

He’s a quick learner is Kevin, and he knew that he was set to marry a women who knew her own mind – so rather than spend his dough on a token of his love, he let her get her own engagement ring.

And, boy, is it ever a huge and tacky rock – or what a girl from the middle of America calls ‘simple and elegant’, ‘gorgeous and classic’.

Middle America might heap much the same plaudits on Kevin, although in Britain a man who walked out on his pregnant girlfriend and child would be a love rat.

And that’s a funny thing, because the one Kevin we all know in this country had a friend who was a rat, called Roland.

Of course, Kevin was a gerbil…’

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