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The Tan Man

by | 20th, July 2004

‘WHEN Robert Kilroy Silk was elected to the European Parliament last month as the voice of the common man, he promised he would get results.

The leader of the Orange Order

But even his most enthusiastic supporters (among whom Anorak numbers itself) could not have imagined the orange one would deliver so promptly.

This morning, we read news in the Independent of a new drug called Melanotan-1 (or Kilroy, for short) that will soon allow all of us to have a permatan like the great Arab-hater himself.

Research is still at an early stage, but the paper reports that in tests the drug (given by injection) halved tanning time and made the tan last longer.

The drug, which works by speeding up the rate at which skin darkens in sunlight, could help to cut rates of skin cancer, while putting tanning salons out of business.

And allow us all to look a little bit more like our favourite former chat show host all year round.’

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