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A Cuban Heel

by | 21st, July 2004

‘LOCK up your daughters, your mothers, your former weathergirl wives and your Italian lawyers because Sven Goran Eriksson is back on the market.

Svennis The Menace

In a sensational transfer coup, the Mirror uses its front page to report that Nancy Dell’Olio, Sven’s partner for the past six seasons, has dumped him.

The Sun says that Nancy, in her own words, had ‘grown sick and tired’ of the constant fighting and wanted out.

But Sven is a passionate man and, if he throws cups in the master bedroom with the en suite dressing room at their Regent’s Park mansion, then so be it.

He can no more cool his Nordic hot-blooded temperament and stop himself being linked to women like Faria Alam, PA at the FA, than he can stop breathing. It’s just the way God made him.

Not that Faria, the young brunette who denies any involvement with irresistible Sven, has played any part in the split.

Really, she has not, because a friend of Nancy’s tells the Mirror that the Italian believes Sven did not cheat on her – at least not with Ms Alam.

No, the given reasons for the split are, in no particular order: ‘She was fed up with living in the England coach’s shadow’ (Mirror); he grew ‘jealous of Nancy’s growing fame’ (Mirror); ‘she is an incredibly strong woman, has her own life to lead and Sven has been getting in the way of that’ (Mirror’s unnamed source); she ‘feels humiliated by the rumours about Sven’s cheating’ (Sun’s unnamed source); and ‘Sven wasn’t really man enough for a woman like Nancy’ (Mirror’s unnamed source).

But while Nancy stays in the house and Sven moves out with an overnight bag and a spring in his Cuban heels, she feels the urge to say her piece.

So she speaks to her friends, who then speak to the Sun, who now relay to us why Nancy really wanted out.

‘Everyone presumes I am some downtrodden woman who is desperate to hang on to a relationship that is doomed,’ says she, ‘but that is not the case.’

Clearly it is not. And while the Sun, for reasons best known to itself, positions a story about Victoria Beckham to the left of the Sven and Nancy sensation, the Mirror employs two pages to show: ‘Sven And Nancy: The Love They Lost.’

There are countless pictures of the couple embracing in public, of Nancy in her demure grey suits and of Sven almost smiling.

There’s even a shot of Sven talking to Ulrika Jonsson over croissants.

And it all makes us realise how much we’ll miss the Sven and Nancy show – the laughter, tears, energy, passion and style. And his, well, his magic has to speak for itself…’

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