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The Jackson Four

by | 21st, July 2004

‘WHEN Michael Jackson dangled baby Prince Michael II from a German hotel balcony in 2002, we feared one of Jacko’s hands would come off and disaster would strike.

‘It’s all right – there are plenty more where this one came from’

Happily, nothing happened – Michael’s hands are made of stronger stuff than his nose and we never got to see if the bouncing baby boy could actually bounce.

Perhaps it was the realisation of how close he came to losing his second son that caused Jackson to think about breeding more children.

So, Jackson impregnated a fan by artificial insemination and she is now carrying not one, but four, of his children.

To the Sun, this is ‘quite clearly a blatant attempt by pop freak Michael Jackson to get himself off serious sex charges’. Jackson makes the Sun’s ‘stomach turn’.

For the record, Jackson stands accused of sexually assaulting 12-year-old Gavin Arvizo after first plying him with booze.

Jackson denies any wrongdoing although, if convicted of all charges levelled against him, he will, the paper says, face up to 74 years in jail without any chance of parole.

Which could mean that his four children currently growing inside an unnamed actresses only ever get to see their pop through a glass screen.

Although, for his existing brood, this will make a nice change to a veil and mask…’

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