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All Bets Are Off

by | 21st, July 2004

‘IT’S offcial – the bookies have started paying out on the bet that there would be a live shag on this year’s Big Brother.

Oi, Michelle. Save a bit of room for dessert.

You can debate all you like what went on in Michelle’s dirty den but, since William Hill and his mates are prepared to put their money where the Geordie’s mouth was, any arguments that she and Stu failed to do the big ‘it’ are futile.

British telly’s first live shag officially occurred in the early hours of Monday morning.

Well done to Big Brother for finally achieving the goal it’s been aiming for since series one.

But this success creates a problem and makes us wonder where will the show go next.

The simple answer is for brash Michelle and her dippy Stuart to get down to it in the full glare of the show’s umpteen cameras.

Viewers will be able to choose which camera they want to see the shag from.

“If you’d like to watch Stuart and Michelle shagging each other from Jason’s bedcam, press 1; for Victor’s, press 2; for Dan’s press 3” and so on.

Big Brother will then sell videos of edited out bits, in which Stuart does something interesting with one of his endless props and Michelle enacts a scene to make a Bangkok hostess blush.

And then the only bet to place will be when Big Brother goes off air…permanently.’

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