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Son Of God

by | 22nd, July 2004

‘IT’S not every day you get to meet your hero. And yesterday the Pope achieved a long-held ambition and actually met the son of God.

The Pope spots Nicky Blair at the back of the crowd

Well, make that one of His sons, because Tony Blair has three boys, and it was 18-year-old Nicky who yesterday came down to the Vatican to meet John Paul II.

The Mail even has a photograph of this spiritual happening, and it shows young Nicky looking on as his unnamed friend – let’s call him Gabriel – kissed the papal ring.

And the Pope had a few words of thanks for Nicky and Gabriel, delivering his speech to more than 7,000 pilgrims packed into the Paul VI Hall.

‘On the path of life, we often encounter moments of darkness,’ said the pontiff, ‘but the light of God’s word dispels that darkness, often quite unexpectedly.’

Too true. But what is that word that sheds light into the cracks of our broken minds?

Well, it can’t be ‘Iraq’ or ‘Hutton’, so what about ‘Butler’ or ‘whitewash’?’

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