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by | 23rd, July 2004

‘FROM one great world statesman to another, and the news that Robert Kilroy-Silk, permatanned champion of Little England, made his maiden speech to the European Parliament yesterday.

‘We want our country back!’

Sadly, Anorak was not there to witness such a seminal event in the politics of the continent, so we have to rely on the Times for its report of the historic occasion.

And we are disappointed to learn that a man of Kilroy’s standing (and hue) was only given 90 seconds in which to make his mark.

In the good old days, our orange friend would have had 90 minutes, strolling about the chamber, resting his hand on the knee of a woman from Luxembourg as he interrupted a particularly garrulous Spanish guest.

But Europe is just one giant conspiracy to silence the likes of Kilroy and his friends.

Friends like UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom, whose aim is to encourage European women to spend more time cooking for their men and cleaning behind the continent’s fridges.

And Ashley Mote, who was suspended by UKIP last week for not revealing that he is awaiting trial for housing benefit fraud, and who immediately started talks with French National Front leader Jean Marie Le Pen abut joining his far right coalition.

But even in 90 seconds, Kilroy can make his presence felt.

‘Some 20 years ago, Mrs Thatcher went to Fontainebleu and said, ‘I want our money back’, and she got some of it,’ The Orange One told his dazzled audience.

‘We want our country back, and believe you me, we are going to get it.’

Or at least some of it…’

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