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Major Coke Bust

by | 23rd, July 2004

‘PRINCESS Diana didn’t just put a new London fountain and a Paris road tunnel on the map – she made us sit up and notice a ginger soldier called James Hewitt.

You dirty rats!

And today he’s hard to miss, what with him being splashed over the cover of the Sun, his face hanging amid the headline, “COKE CAD IN CUFFS”.

A cameraman captures the moment when the most famous love rat of them all was taken away by police under suspicion of being in possession of cocaine.

He was also at the time of his arrest in the company of TV presenter Alison Bell, described as Hewitt’s girlfriend, and who, the paper points out, was once an old flame of Prince Edward.

She is also implicated in the scandal.

And we must say that, although Bell has dealt with Eddie, there is no suggestion whatsoever that the prince has ever dabbled in drugs, or, indeed, has taken anything or done anything to make him seem more interesting to the greater public.

This is a story about Bell and Hewitt, and one taken up with relish by all the papers, especially the Mirror, which employs photographic evidence to show Hewitt’s bad day.

Over two pages, the paper uses a snap taken by Hewitt-watcher Dennis Gill to show what looks like a drugs deal going down, and then Hewitt popping to the toilet of London’s Cactus Blue bar.

But although the photos appear to be suggestive of wrongdoing, it’s the cameraman’s literal version of events that really hits the mark.

Worried that Hewitt had broken the law, upstanding Gill called the police and, after a mere two hours waiting, a pair of plainclothes officers arrived on the scene.

“I showed one of them the photos on my lap-top computer,” says Gill. “One of the officers said to me, ‘He’s a dirty love rat, isn’t he?’”

A nod from Gill was enough. The cops raided the Fulham bar, searched Hewitt and duly took him into police custody for the night.

Because if there’s one thing the cops and all Jimmy Cagney fans don’t like it’s a dirty love rat. Hanging really is too good for them…’

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