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Now We Are Fifteen

by | 23rd, July 2004

‘JULIE Thomas is fifteen. And if that wasn’t bad enough, she is also an avid fan of Pooh Bear.

A honey trap?

The Mail has a nice photo of Julie, who looks as surly and as disappointed with life as any teenage girl should.

But there is a dash of colour in Julie’s world, and it’s been tattooed on her right arm. There, in brilliant yellow and red ink is a reminder of her love for the little yellow bear.

Above the large tattoo, which has been reproduced by the paper in ‘actual size’, appears the message ‘Grandpa H’, a touching and delightful tribute to Julie’s grandfather Harry who passed away not too long ago.

You might now think that the Mail is about to applaud Julie, who has chosen to display a respect to the older generation so often seen as lacking in the nation’s youth.

But no, Julie is held aloft by the Mail as a warning to all. She is a sign of the times in which we live, when a youth is trapped between her childhood and a desire to grow up too fast.

But all is not lost for Julie, who also features in the Mirror.

Because, after telling readers how a tattoo is administered in no small detail, the Mail reveals that a process calls dermabrasion can rub it off.

Which is better news for Julie, and great news for the millions of children of Mail readers who will be spending the weekend etching a likeness of Bob The Builder onto their bodies and filling in the cracks with crayon…’

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