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Botox Tale

by | 26th, July 2004

‘IS it any coincidence that Tony Blair and Botox should both celebrate their 10th anniversary at the same time?

Dead soldiers, dead civilians, rubbish trains, superbugs and he still can’t stop smiling

The licence for the wrinkle-buster drug was granted in Britain at the very time that Blair took over as leader of the Labour Party.

And since 1994 both have gone from strength to strength, smoothing our brows and numbing us against the travails of modern life.

The Mirror celebrates a decade of the drug which keeps Cliff Richard looking young, Cilla Black wrinkle-free and Demi Moore looking like a permanently started rabbit.

And it reveals that 100,000 of us now spend £75m a year injecting the bacterium into our face.

Optometrist Pauline Bowler was one of the first to become hooked, having her first injection at the age of 37.

“In 10 years I have spent more than £6,000,” she says, “but when I tell people I am nearly 50, they can’t believe it.”

We can’t believe it either – six grand injecting poison into your face?!’

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