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A Live Wire

by | 26th, July 2004

‘GURU Sadhu Mangal Das, known to his acolytes as ‘Current Baba’, is a man who likes his kicks. To date, the 54-year-old guru from Bahorisar in Uttar Pradesh, India, has tried drinking poisons and allowing himself to be bitten by toxic snakes and scorpions in a bid to get that killer rush.

But then came a stroke of luck. Sometime ago, our hero happened to brush against a live wire and received an electric shock. He liked it. And now he deliberately touches a live wire to his person at least three times a day.

Dr Amit Chaturvedi of the Lalitpur Civil Hospital says: ‘The human body can absorb currents up to 12 volts. In this case however, repeated exposure to electricity seems to have built up his body’s tolerance levels to as much as 16 volts.”

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