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A Theatre Of War

by | 27th, July 2004

‘WHEN the bombs drop, the Government’s new Preparing For Emergencies brochure advises us to tune into our radios.

‘A sexed-up extravaganza’ – A. Gilligan

Of course, anyone setting the dial on the BBC could be less likely to hear sage advice as they will a looped pre-recorded message from the corporation’s former Director-General Greg Dyke saying, “Told yer so”.

But before that, the Times says that Dyke will be appearing on stage at the Festival Hall, London, in a live interview with Jon Snow, the Channel 4 news anchor.

Just like Alastair Campbell, who had a one-on-one natter with Ross Kemp on stage not so long ago, and Paul Burrell, who talked to his dead boss and a few curious American tourists, Dyke will put his version of events live to the people.

And rather like that toadying former royal lickspittle Burrell Dyke has a book to plug.

The work, entitled Inside Story, will be, in the Times’ opinion (and it’s an opinion based on the happy coincidence that the book’s publisher is owned by News Corporation, parent company of the Times), principally targeted at the aforesaid Campbell.

It promises to be quite a show, especially if Campbell attends and takes part in the post-interview questions from the audience segment.

However, Campbell will have to wait his turn, because many others will have questions they’d like to ask Dyke such as: “Why is Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen still on TV?”; “Do you think EastEnders’ Kat should leave Alfie?” and “What does Anna Ford wear on her lower half while reading the lunchtime news?”’

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