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Driven To Distraction

by | 27th, July 2004

‘ACCORDING to the official Anorak Vehicle Handbook, British drivers upset by another motorist’s antics “should stop, take a deep breath and count to ten thousand”.

A German driver

While this has proven a popular tactic with drivers who routinely use the M25, drivers in Japan prefer a different method.

Over there, any driver deemed to have wronged another motorist is invited to fall up on his own car aerial, sharpened to a point for such a purpose.

But the boffins at Toyota would prefer their most honourable customers to live, and, the Telegraph reports, they’ve come up with a modern new system to achieve their goal.

The “vehicle expression system” will allow cars to “express functions, such as a crying or laughing”, it says on the company’s patent, which will in turn create a “joyful, organic atmosphere” on the congested roadways.

The driver’s mood is picked up on by sensors within the vehicle, causing the car to, say, glow red if it’s been cut up or shed a tear if it’s broken down.

If the driver is happy, the car might “wink” with a quick switch of headlights; and if a pedestrian steps out unexpectedly in front of the car, a light on the bonnet would pulse orange to indicate “surprise”.

And if a pretty girl/Prince Edward walks past, the bonnet will spring up and the car veer uncontrollably into the oncoming traffic…’

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