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by | 27th, July 2004

‘SOME of the best minds in Britain – and beyond – have tried and failed. So, now it’s over to you. The task is to come up with a weekly task for the Big Brother housemates that they might actually pass.

Shell tickles Stu’s tonsils

An impossible mission? Maybe. But Anorak readers are a resourceful lot and surely it is not beyond your considerable abilities to come up with something so simple that it’s within the capabilities of the six remaining contestants.

This week’s task looked simple enough – it required the housemates to be chained together in pairs and do everything for each other, including feeding each other, brushing each other’s teeth and applying each other’s make-up.

But it looks as if the Simple Six have failed almost before they have even started, sitting down and feeding themselves at their very first meal.

Needless to say, Geordie bunny boiler Michelle is less than happy that her chicken Stuart is chained up day and night to Shell, while she has to go to bed with balding Scottish beefcake Jason.

“Behave yourself, you,” she said as he disappeared off to bed with his new partner. Or else…’

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