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Guilty Of Love In The First Degree

by | 28th, July 2004

‘SANDHU Gurguiatu, 47, has his day in court almost every day. The Romanian can’t stay away ever since he appeared before Judge Elena Lala three years ago. It was love at first sight. But the only way Gurguiatu could guarantee seeing his true love was to appear before her in court.

‘It was, I daresay, love at first sight. I fell in love like a fool and when I heard she was married I didn’t know what to do to keep seeing her,” says Gurguiatu. “Then it came to me. The only solution was to see her in court so I began studying the law and calling into justice the company where I used to work. I started over a hundred lawsuits and thus I could see her almost every week.’

Says Judge Lala: ‘I feel pity for this man. But I am not amused at all. I am surprised to hear this. It is true I judged many labour lawsuits in which Mr Gurguiatu was involved but for me all the people who come into justice are equal.”

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