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Poultry Packet

by | 28th, July 2004

‘WE in Anorak Towers do not have much experience of, or interest in, chicken genitalia – as long as we get our boiled eggs in the morning and our roast bird on Sunday, we are happy.

Will Stu choke under pressure from Michelle?

But this morning we have to acquaint ourselves with what’s underneath our feathered friends after learning via the Star that Big Brother’s Stuart is “hung like a chicken”.

“Hung like a horse” we can understand, just as we’ve got a fair idea that people who are “hung like a gnat” are not packing much of a punch in their boxer shorts.

But chickens – are they Ron Jeremy or Jeremy Clarkson?

Well, judging by the story in this morning’s Star, it appears to be the latter and we learn that Stu is packing a poultry package in his pants.

A cameraman on the show tells the paper that Stu’s lover Michelle Bass has been telling fellow housemates that her “chicken” is not that well-hendowed.

“I’m sure Stu doesn’t mind,” says the cameraman, “because he may not be the biggest, but he is the best in Michelle’s eyes.

“And judging from the noises she was making when they were under the table, he knows how to keep a woman happy.”

Which just leaves one question – which came first, the chicken or the..?’

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