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by | 28th, July 2004

‘WHO is to blame for the epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases sweeping the country?

Tony remembers what life was like before Cherie had Leo

Big Brother lovers Stuart and Michelle?

Professor John Ashton, North West Regional Director of Public Health, certainly thinks so, accusing the programme of making no mention of safe sex or condoms.

“It sends out a signal to viewers that casual sex with a comparative stranger, with no regard to the risks, is OK,” he complains to the Mail.

Who else? Sven Goran Eriksson? The papers all agree that the England coach is going to get the sack over his affair with Soho Square secretary Faria Alam.

And the Mail even publishes a “Sven Must Go” car sticker for its readers to stick to their back windscreen.

Prince Harry? He may be “the prince with a roving eye who won’t settle for just one girl”, but he’s still Royalty.

And what is, in the Mail’s eyes, a sad example of our ignorant and irresponsible youth when your home is a council estate is just sowing your wild oats when your home is a palace.

But if not Stu or Sven or Harry, who should the Mail’s readers really blame for this whole sordid mess? Why, none other than Tony Blair, of course.

Sven may be sexually incontinent; Jemima Khan may have lied about her marriage troubles; John Major may have had an adulterous affair.

But, for the Mail, there’s only one man to blame – Tony Blair.

Go figure…’

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