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Maples’ Syrup

by | 28th, July 2004

‘MARLA Maples is the woman who played to win and came up Donald Trumps.

No diamonds, no clubs – no Trump

Only she could have done even better.

Although Marla is living in some splendour in a Spanish-style ranch house in the part of Spain widely known as California, she could have been Donald’s first wife.

Then she’d have been Ivana Trump, the woman whose separation from the property magnate with the interesting hair earned her what Hello! calls a divorce settlement “jackpot” of more than $50m.

As it is, once-bitten Donald encouraged Marla to sign a prenuptial agreement before their wedding which followed the birth of the daughter, in which he agreed to give up a mere $1m to $5m should they divorce.

Which they did.

“The divorce was very difficult,” says Marla. “There were times long before our marriage, during our marriage and especially after our marriage when I would just cry.”

It’s unlikely Donald experienced the same emotion as he thought about their marriage and that pre-nup, but back then Marla was only in her twenties and Donald was far older.

Now, Marla is 40 (Donald is still far older) and, what with experience and the teachings of the Kabbalah, she’s learned to handle the pain of it all.

And she is now “the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life”.

And why would she not be? The house may be a departure from the grandeur of an entire tower block, but divorce did at least save daughter Tiffany Trump (named after the jewellery store) the horrors of a “limousine life”.

“Sometimes,” Marla says, “when there is an abundance of money, so many other things come up that can make you do and act untrue to yourself and to the person you are.”

How very true! And Marla must thank her lucky stars every day that she signed that pre-nup and saved both her and her daughter from a life of unbridled luxury and extravagance.’

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