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Britain’s Biggest Boobs

by | 29th, July 2004

‘“BRITAIN’S Biggest Boobs,” advertises the Sun on its front page this morning – next to a story headlined “Church Wedding Or Red Herring?” about an “engagement ring mystery”.

Charlotte pulls a Cupid stunt

Put the two together and it’s as close as you’ll ever get to a mea culpa from the Sun over its coverage of the Wayne Rooney and Coleen McLoughlin affair.

However, it turns out that the boobs in question are not the paper’s own, but the 32L pair belonging to Kate Rollason, weighing in at half a stone each and the result of 25 plastic surgery ops.

And the engagement ring mystery has nothing to do with Coleen, prostitutes or squirrels, but with another 18-year-old, Charlotte Church.

The Sun says the Welsh singer emerged from a Cardiff jewellers (where she had been buying a present for ex-Hear’Say singer Noel Sullivan) with a diamond ring on her engagement finger and, with boyfriend Kyle Johnson by her side, announced: “We’re engaged.”

However, it turned out the ring was actually four months old and, says the Sun, it was all just a stunt to wind up her mum.

Talking of attention-seeking stunts, pint-sized Aussie popster Peter Andre has also paid a visit to the jeweller’s recently and bought a £5,000 diamond ring for girlfriend Jordan.

The singing shrimp then “turned heads” at a restaurant in the Maldives by pulling out the sparkler and presenting it to the model.

“Jordan was really emotional and it genuinely looked like he had just proposed,” an onlooker tells the Sun.

“They were kissing and cuddling all night after that.”

The paper says the couple are taking a break at an exclusive resort on the Indian Ocean island of Rangali with only fellow lovebirds and a ten-man TV crew for company.

They are apparently filming a pilot for a new show called VIP Get Me Out Of Here – an idea so tragically unimaginative that it is certain to be a massive success.

And we can’t help thinking that an on-air proposal won’t hurt viewing figures either…’

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