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Just Say No

by | 29th, July 2004

‘UNTIL Sven Goran Eriksson moved to Britain, he was a once-a-week with the light out kind of guy and would no more look at another woman than play an old-fashioned 2-3-5 formation.


But after a couple of years in bonking Blighty, the Swede is like a rabbit that has just broken into a Viagra factory.

And he’s not alone – it turns out that we’re all at it morning, noon and night.

And the Express wants to know: “Why can’t the young just say No in sex-mad Britain?”

It is a good question and one that is particularly relevant given the epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases that is apparently sweeping the country.

That is why we are particularly glad to read in the Star that award-winning columnist Vanessa Feltz is throwing her not inconsiderable weight behind the ‘Just Say No’ campaign.

“We’ve all forgotten how to say no,” she says (although one suspects that it is not a problem our Nessie’s had to worry about too much.)

“We’re too used to getting what we want in bed, or up against a [specially reinforced] wall for that matter, when we want it.

“It has stopped even occurring to us that there is a price to pay.”

So, next time you’re out and about and your courtship circuit is working overtime, think about Vanessa for a couple of minutes.

If you’re still feeling horny after that, you’re a very, very sick person…’

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