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Slut Puppy

by | 31st, July 2004

‘WHAT Dr Ava Cadwell, renowned Beverly Hills sexologist and former Page Three stunna, thinks of Britney’s erect nipples we don’t know.

‘You still with Divine Brown?’

But we do know what she thinks of Hugh Grant – she thinks he’s “a male slut”.

“There are many men who are sluts, who sleep around just to prove they can perform,” the good doctor tells the National Enquirer. “I call them ‘slut puppies’.”

No-one else in the world calls them slut puppies but, if it makes Dr Ava feel better to call them ‘slut puppies’, then so be it.

“I think that Hugh hasn’t found his true sexual being,” she continues. “He needs the variety to satisfy his exotic sexual fantasies – something that one woman cannot.”

So what has Hugh done to come to the attention of such a renowned Beverly Hills sexologist?

It seems that the 43-year-old has been seen out with five different women in only a few months.

Okay, so one of those five was his mum, another was his grandma and a third was his Love Actually co-star Michelle McCutcheon.

But Dr Cadwell still sees trouble in the curvy shape of 30-year-old Kasia Komorowicz, 25-year-old fitness instructor Dana Verbytska and Jemima Khan.

“It’s like he has to have the attention of beautiful girls all the time,” she says.

A problem indeed.’

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