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A Good Egg

by | 2nd, August 2004

‘WHEN Tamara Beckwith was born, the hatchery that sired her did not throw away the shell.

Dip your soldiers in here

Instead, they gathered up the bits and pieces and tried one more time to get things right. And they came up with Clare.

We know her better as Clare Beckwith, who despite being seven months pregnant has not put ‘an extra ounce of fat on her fabulous frame’.

Besides being professionally pregnant, Clare’s also a TV presenter and so needs no further introduction to the tens of media studies students who catch her presenting Sky Vegas Live on a satellite channel.

But you will need to know that Clare is also putting the finishing touches to her new yoga video for expectant mums.

This is sure to be a massive hit with mums-to-be the world over, who will thrill at discovering new ways to feed chocolate biscuits into their mouths with their right feet while speed dialling their personal trainers with their left.

But Clare is not resting on her laurels, or on the top of her chakra.

Clare is planning for the future. When the baby is born, she thinks it would be a good thing to ‘get out of the house and have some time for myself’.

Which, after all, is what being a showbiz mum is all about. Well, that, the dieting and the yoga videos…’

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