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The Ferret Pack

by | 2nd, August 2004

‘ONE man who is not fat is Lee Ryan. He’s as thin as a ferret is our Lee, the singer with boyband Blue.

Running up a trouser leg near you

And like a ferret, Lee will run up a trouser leg or skirt at a moment’s notice.

Which means that, when OK! says we’re all going to attend Lee’s 21st birthday bash, we expect to see lots of ferret-type behaviour.

But to think of Lee as a one-trick rodent would be to rub his fur the wrong way. So, when OK! asks Lee about his sexual conquests, he’s ruffled.

‘What do they expect?’ asks Lee. ‘I’m young, I’m not married, I don’t have any commitments and if I have threesomes or have sex on a pool table – so what?’

He’s right. Lee’s sexual happenings are things that only David Attenborough and a flexible camera on a stick should ever investigate.

So let’s just see Lee for what he is. And that’s a boy in a T-shirt with the picture of a tiger on the front, worn reassuringly tucked into his jeans and beneath a velveteen-style blue jacket.

And let’s now see Lee’s ‘star-studded’ birthday party, where stars like the rest of Blue, Liberty X, Andy Scott-Lee, Andy’s sister Lisa, and her boyfriend, former Hear’Say band member Johnny Shentall, shone.

It’s a kind of rat pack for young British players. Or a ferret-pack, if you will…’

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