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Thrill Squeakers

by | 3rd, August 2004

‘SHHH! Can you keep it down a bit? You, the poor soul about to plunge 70 ft into a gaping black hole – can you please try not to scream?


And you, the boy with the massive ice-cream – can you make the effort to choke back the vomit and not retch quite so loudly as the pirate ship tips you upside down and shakes you around like a stray sock in a washing machine?

It’s not us, you see, it’s Stephen and Suzanne Roper.

The couple live pretty close to Alton Towers theme park and, says the Mirror, are being upset by the noise of people puking their guts out and begging for mercy.

Before you argue and label the Ropers killjoys, please note that Deputy District Judge Timothy Gascoigne has heard their pleas for quiet and agreed with them.

After a hearing at Stafford Crown Court, Gascoigne ruled in the Ropers’ favour and issued a noise abatement order against the operators of white-knuckle rides with names like Nemesis, Ripsaw and Oblivion.

They whispered that they were ‘very disappointed with the verdict’, but it’s something they will have to abide by.

So sit back for the ride of your life – and scream your lungs out into the soon-to-be official Alton Towers sick bag and muffler…’

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