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by | 4th, August 2004

‘IT’S been a day of shocks.

‘Especially for you…’

Dido being the music of choice for the country’s anti-social elements; a footballer being cheated on and not being the cheat; and now this…

We are sorry to relay the Star’s report that Kylie Minogue, the popular singing elf, has ‘stormed out of her lover’s Paris pad’.

The story goes that she’s unhappy with the way Olivier Martinez was recently pictured ‘getting close’ with Michelle Rodriguez at a party for P Diddy.

So Kylie went to confront her lover about his relationship with the Hollywood actress.

And, as luck had it, an ‘insider’ was there to witness just enough of the goings on to let everyone else in on what was said.

‘If she was there to make up, her face and behaviour told a different story,’ says this insider.

‘Kylie stormed out very fast, got into a car and went straight to the station. She looked so miserable.’

It’s all so sad for the former Neighbours actress – who surely should have just called up the Sun, as footballer Gary Neville did, and asked the paper about her lover’s movements.

But hold on a mo, because Kylie’s management team are still denying there’s been any split.

So what is the story: is she with him or without him?

This threatens to be a story that will run and run – until we in Blighty are able to pick Martinez out from a line up of ten other actors or Kylie finishes promoting her latest CD.

Which is hopefully sometime soon…’

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