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Competitive Dads

by | 4th, August 2004

‘IF you wonder why kids today grow up to be softer than a mink’s inner thigh, don’t just look to blame the bearded Sixties revivalists who run our schools.

‘Okay, son. First one to the other side gets an ice-cream’

Non-competitive group activities may have taken the place of competitive sport, but news in the Telegraph suggests that the problems start closer to home.

According to a survey of 1,000 youngsters, kids would much rather play with their mother, siblings or friends than with their father.

In fact, dads only just come above grandparents in the popularity list and it’s not just because they lack imagination or are not sure how to play kids’ games.

The main complaint from kids is that their dads are too competitive and ‘play to win’.

Well, welcome to the real world, juniors. It’s dog eat dog out here – and the sooner you get used to it the better.

That’s why Anorak salutes dads like Andy Hibberd, who tells the Telegraph: ‘There’s no point in playing unless you are playing to win.’

And the unnamed father-of-two, who says: ‘It is better my children learn to lose with someone who cares for them.’

Quite right. And if Mr Hibberd has been the undisputed arm-wrestling champion in his own home for as long as he can remember, then don’t hold that against him.

It’s high time six-year-old Charles Hibberd and his five-year-old brother Jonathan shaped up…’

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