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Hugh’s Shame

by | 4th, August 2004

‘JUST when Hugh Grant was starting to live down his encounter with prostitute Divine Brown and get on with his life, we have unearthed an even more sordid secret about the star.

No wonder he looks ashamed

Loath though we are to ruin the reputation of one of Britain’s most successful actors, we feel the public has a right to know.

And we have Hello! to thank for providing the evidence for our scoop, even though that stalwart of investigative journalism misses the story itself.

Indeed, it is so busy concentrating on Grant’s relationship with Jemima Khan that it fails to notice what is staring it in the face.

Look closely at the picture of the 43-year-old actor bending down to pick up the newspapers outside Jemima’s mews home in Fulham and prepare to confront the awful truth.

Hugh Grant is a Daily Mail reader.’

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