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by | 6th, August 2004

‘SO much for the Guardian’s attempt to portray us all as urban sophisticates, discussing the latest German designers over our skinny lattes.

Shell got a First in Sun Tanning & Strap Line Management

It turns out that we’re more insular than ever we were, with a dramatic slump in the number of British students studying in Europe.

According to the Telegraph, numbers have fallen by a third in the past decade, mirroring a similar fall in the number of people studying foreign languages.

British students prefer to study somewhere hot where the locals speak English, with students favouring America, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

‘These four countries have one thing in common – they are Anglophone,’ says the report commissioned by the Department for Education.

‘Britons are attracted to exchange campuses in California, Florida, New Orleans and Australia. The climactic factor is all too evident.’

But what’s the point of going somewhere cold and landlocked when you’re studying for a BA in Surfing or an MSc in Sun Tanning..?’

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