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The End Is Nigh

by | 6th, August 2004

‘BIG Brother is like a bad curry – it keeps on repeating on you.

Chicken Tonight

Tonight, we will gleefully swallow the final mouthful as the winner of the 71-day yawnfest is announced.

Will it be Shell? Will it be Jason? Will it be Dan? Or will it be Nadia?

The answer is of course that it will be all of them – they will all get paid thousands of pounds to divulge every last boring detail of their boring lives.

The Star, for instance, has paid Stuart, the long-haired drip who gave chickens a bad name, £100,000 for his story.

This from the Official Big Brother paper, the paper who in its early editions on Thursday led with the story of Shell’s eviction…only to find out that it was Stuart who was getting the boot.

The paper tried to play down its embarrassment, claiming to have been spoofed by its Big Brother sources.

“We can’t be too harsh on them,” a spokesman adds, “because we have got the Stu exclusive ahead of our rivals. The Daily Star has had the last laugh.”

Last laugh! The only person laughing is the inane Stuart, who is getting paid a small fortune for telling the Star readers what he’s been up to for the last 10 weeks. As if we hadn’t seen more than enough of him during that time…’

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