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Baba Bing

by | 6th, August 2004

‘CAN it really be two years and more since Liz Hurley gave birth to little Damian?

Damian goes to playgroup

It must be because the Enquirer says so, which means that we’ve been ignoring the wee scamp, and – better late than never – it’s now time to check out how he’s doing.

And he looks great. He inherited his father Steve Bing’s computer programmer looks and, looking closer still, dear old rich daddy’s sense of style.

We had expected more, and are sorry to say that it is little Damian in the hideous green velvet jacket and little white tights.

And that’s him again – ‘Little Lord Fauntleroy’ – dressed in a pastel blue pair of immaculate overalls with a picture of a pink ship on the front.

And that’s Damian once more, this time wearing another pair of his now trademark overalls and a shirt with what the Enquirer describes as a ‘Peter Pan collar’.

Far be it from us to speak ill of children, but Damian looks like he’s in trouble.

So, in an effort to spare him some therapy in later life, we’re sending him our Anorak DIY Tattoo and Body Piercing Kit.

And our best wishes for what outfits await him…’

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