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Olympic Training

by | 10th, August 2004

‘AS you disembark from your delayed, over-priced jam-packed, sweaty train and race down the platform to finally breast the ticket barrier, your mind will be on the Olympics.

Our Terry gets ready to vault the gap

And you’ll think how unfair it is that such sports as “Seat Judo”, “Baggage Hurdling” and “Briefcase Fencing” are not part of the Olympic dream, three elements of a truly modern triathlon.

If only they were, Britain would once more be a land of champions, and Terry Drone aboard the 7:35 from Newbury to Paddington would be a household name.

And Mr Drone – or Sir Terry OBE, as he will be known – can live the dream if he lobbies hard.

The Guardian reports that the Rail Passengers’ Council is to establish a new call centre in Manchester to process the queries and complaints from Mr Drone and people like him.

Under the initiative, called Passenger Voices, the new centre will give commuters the chance to say what they think about the dreadful trains, leaves on the line and Britain’s Olympic effort.

Indeed, we are at liberty to speak about pretty much anything we like.

And that’s because not all that many people actually complain to the RPC, preferring to address their grievances directly to the train operators.

As such, each call to the centre – which will be run by the suitably-named Ashley Grumble at a cost of £700,000 of taxpayers’ money each year – will absorb £100 of public funds.

That’s a lot of cash for a phone call – but far better value when seen as part of Britain’s Olympic programme.

And if it leads to gold medals, it represents nothing less than a bargain…’

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