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Table For Three

by | 10th, August 2004

‘PAUSE briefly and consider why it is that the erstwhile girlfriend of the England football manager should have her own PR adviser.

Room for a little one

It truly is, as Tears For Fears once said, a mad world – and one of the beneficiaries is Big Brother’s favourite Geordie bunny-boiler Michelle Bass.

This morning, Michelle gives a world exclusive interview to the Star, in which she tells of “my kinky sex with Stuart”.

Actually, she tells of no such thing, opting instead to reveal “the sexy secrets that will keep her ‘chicken’ clucking in the bedroom”.

For instance, she reveals – in the Star’s words – that she “would LOVE a threesome between the sheets with hunky Stuart and another girl”.

This, at least, is the paper’s interpretation of “never say never” and “I suppose so”.

She says she KEEPS handcuffs, a whip and sex toys under her bed and LOVES dressing up in sexy underwear.

And she reveals that she has ENJOYED naked romps with girls and fancies Jordan and Christina Aguilera.

All of which is fascinating, but nothing compared with the real bombshell.

Apparently, what drippy Stuart thought was just a desire for privacy on the would-be glamour model’s behalf was actually a fetish.

Michelle reveals that she gets wildly TURNED on by the sight, and feel, of cheap carpet and can only climax while making love UNDER a table.’

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