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Butler Did It

by | 10th, August 2004

‘RICHARD Butler, the Queen’s representative in the Australian island state of Tasmania, has been forced to quit his job because of uncouth behaviour.

The Tasmanian Devil

Go on, laugh away, but these days it is apparently possible to lose your job Down Under for a lack of decorum.

Only a few years ago, such conduct would have been considered as testament to one’s suitability for the highest office.

Bob Hawke, the skirt-chasing former Labour prime minister, was elected largely on the back of the world drinking record he held.

And the Aussies campaigned hard for heavy-drinking cricket legend David Boon to replace the Queen as head of state and become the country’s first President.

Even today, Mark Latham, leader of the Labour opposition to the charisma-bypass that is PM John Howard, has form, having given a taxi driver a good kicking a few years ago.

But what is par for the course in Canberra is not appreciated in Hobart – as state governor Mr Butler found out.

The Mail outlines some of the 62-year-old’s “colourful behaviour”.

He was said to have started tucking into the food at the wedding of Tasmania-born Mary Donaldson to Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark before the guests of honour had arrived.

He was accused of creating a scene at Sydney airport when he was denied a request for an upgrade.

And wife Jennifer “threw a wobbly” when she found out that they were being billeted at the Ritz-Carlton Schlosshotel on an official visit to Berlin because it was on the outskirts of the city.

All normal behaviour for any pampered dignitary, one might venture to suggest, and hardly conduct unbecoming in Sir Les Patterson’s homeland.

But the straw that broke this particular wallaby’s back was a report of “steamy scenes” between Mr and Mrs Butler in the fitting rooms of a lingerie store.

Having sex with your own wife is, of course, reason enough in such circles for dismissal.

But it was the cries of “You know you love it, Your Majesty, you horny bitch” that have left the residents of Tasmania truly appalled.’

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