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The Art of Liposuction

by | 11th, August 2004

‘HAVING tried toenails, hair and dandruff, the enterprising modern artist that lurks deep within all of us will be interested to hear what Nicola Constantino has been up to.

The Argentine artist has taken to sculpting objects from her own fat, which was taken out during a liposuction. Two kilos of her fat have been moulded into two sculptures of the female naked body. And they can be yours for a mere £250 each.

Entitled Take a Shower With Me, Constantino’s exhibition also features 100 soaps made from her siphoned off lard.

‘My work has always been about the body and consumerism,” says she. ‘I know it is disgusting but I am also aware that those soaps have something that wakes up people’s sexuality and eroticism. It is an invitation to put our bodies in contact.”

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