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Band Of Brothers

by | 11th, August 2004

‘MIGRANTS waiting to pass their citizenship tests in English are faced with a problem.

‘And as the great Smokey said…’

Do they learn the English language from watching TV shows like EastEnders – and in so doing begin speaking as badly as most of the people they hope to live among.

Or do they strive to speak like the Queen – and so stand out from the barely literate masses like the proverbial sore thumb?

The new arrivals might prefer to learn English from the radio, or even CB radio, which, the Times reports, is set for a comeback.

Citizen’s Band radio is not as popular as it was in the days before it was legalised 23 years ago.

Back then, hundreds of thousands of bootleggers (illegal users) communicated under false names (handles) over CB.

But things are set to change as Ofcom, the media regulator, yesterday announced plans to legalise the broadcast of religious sermons over the CB airwaves.

Until now, religious figures wanting to broadcast their messages over CB had to break the law.

“Churches were buying CB radio kits, putting [them] next to the minister, and Sellotaping down the broadcast key,” says a spokesperson for Ofcom.

“It may have been great for those who couldn’t make the walk across country, but they weren’t supposed to be doing it.”

But now, the newspaper says, it’s a big ten-four to the cleric in the pulpit, who sill soon be able legally to deliver his words to those unable to attend church.

And geeks, drugs dealers, radio hams, asylum seekers, truckers…’

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