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Girl Of Summer

by | 11th, August 2004

‘THIS week, we were torn between commenting on Jodie Kidd’s engagement to fiancé Aiden (and why wearing a T-shirt with a picture of herself playing polo on it), weeping at the marriage of Coronation Street baddie Bryan Capron’s daughter or wondering what lies ahead for the Bill’s Trudie Goodwin.

The new Jono Coleman

But then something fell out of Hello! magazine. It was the “HOLIDAY HELLO! SUMMER SPECIAL”.

There were promises of “SHORT STORIES”, “STARS ON HOLIDAY”, “PUZZLES” and “HUMOUR”.

The celebs had been trumped, and we have spent the best part of a day tying to “SPOT THE DIFFERENCE” between the picture of Cat Deeley on the left and the picture of the children’s TV presenter on the right.

For your information, in the picture on the left, Cat looks like she’s got a big future in TV ahead of her; on the right, she looks like old news.

There’s also an entertainment quiz, a “MOVIE LINK” game (in which we are invited to guess what links Kevin Costner to any other Hollywood actor).

THERE’S also a short story form Jackie Collins – “QUEEN OF THE BLOCKBUSTER” – in which a Hollywood star prepares for her comeback.

But the real SCOOP is on the back page where Dannii Minogue is interviewed about “her love of Ibiza nights and confesses a SECRET passion for packing”.

The news that Dannii is now the PROUD owner of a British passport. And she has a cat – which is FAT and round and may or may not be called Jono.’

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