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When Celebrities Explode!

by | 13th, August 2004

‘HAD it been Kirstie Alley or Oprah Winfrey, for example, we would barely have raised an eyebrow – but the news that Jennifer Aniston has blown up has come as quite a surprise.

Jennifer starts to shatter like she was made of glass

But there it is on the cover of this week’s National Enquirer, which promises “all the details” inside.

And splattered across two pages, we read the magazine’s exclusive into how the Friends actress had been becoming more and more upset with her ‘fish-bowl’ existence in Hollywood.

She blamed the pressure of her celebrity life for not being able to conceive and wanted to move to Europe to get away from star-crazed fans.

Husband Brad Pitt agreed and the couple were said to be looking for a house in the East Sussex village of Rye when disaster struck.

Jen could not take any more and exploded, spattering the walls of the couple’s Los Angeles home with blood, gore and bits of undigested Krispy Kremes.

The Enquirer says the Friends star is the fourth celebrity to blow up this year and there are fears that the pressures of life in Tinseltown may be getting too much for many stars.

Only last month, Meat Loaf exploded in the middle of a gig, while in May bomb disposal experts arrived in the nick of time to save CSI star William Peterson.

Danny De Vito and wife Rhea Perlman of course started the current trend when they both blew up within minutes of each other at the beginning of the year.

However, the good news for Tinseltown insiders is that Jennifer’s self-destruction was captured on the house’s security cameras.

And as we speak Pitt is said to be negotiating with TV moguls over a fee for releasing the footage for a new programme, When Celebrities Explode!

In Hollywood, every cloud has a silver lining…’

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