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Stop, Messing

by | 13th, August 2004

‘WILL And Grace star Debra Messing has a secret – and sordid – lesbian crush on Latin lovely Salma Hayek.

Salma loved deliberately provoking Debra

‘Salma is luscious,’ says the star (who claims she is not gay). ‘She’s beautiful and exotic and she’s curvy in every way that I’m not.

‘She has the fabulous accent. I’m a sucker for the accent. And she’s got great fashion sense.’

Messing claims that she made the comments in an interview with OUT magazine, which asked stars who would be their dream date if they wore a more comfortable style of shoe.

But we here at Anorak – and the National Enquirer – know better.

And we advise Salma to be on her guard against the dungaree-clad star of Will And Grace.

Also in the sights of these secret friends of Dorothy this week are Cameron Diaz, Charlize Theron and Sheryl Crow, wanted for a big lezzie orgy by Tiffani Theissen; Lauryn Hill, the fantasy shag of Alyssa Milano; and Elizabeth Taylor (c.1930), Jeri Ryan’s same-sex soulmate.

You have been warned, ladies. These women are not wearing heels and they can run faster than you…’

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