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Money Matters

by | 13th, August 2004

‘DEV had better start stocking a range of bullet-proof vests in the corner shop now that he’s finally had the sense to chuck Mental Maya.

Tracy had her own ideas about fusion

“I’ve been fighting it for months,” he confessed to Shelly over a late night drink. “I can’t believe I’ve been so blind” Unfortunately he wasn’t referring to his taste in horrendous waistcoats, but his love for Sunita.

Sunita didn’t take Dev’s declaration as well as he’d hoped. “You make me sick! Get out!” she screamed at him. Sunita hasn’t forgiven Dev for rejecting her for Maya in the first place and now thinks he only loves her because she’s got a brain tumour (obviously).

It’s clear though that the shop assistant doth protest too much and it’s only a matter of time before she gives in.

Maya isn’t likely to go quietly, however – she already destroyed Dev’s shop when she caught him talking to Sunita so the mind boggles at what she’s capable of now.

If she’s clever though, she’ll take a few lessons from our Cilla. Cilla won Les back by appealing to his greed and, even when Cilla confessed that she hadn’t been left a fortune, he still didn’t chuck her out.

Of course it helps that Les has an IQ slightly lower than an amoeba. Cilla had told Les that she’d been left a fortune and so he chucked in his job and threw away every stick of furniture in the house – as you do on the word of a convicted thief and prostitute.

When Cilla had to admit to him that it had all been “a mistake,” Les dashed off to the Weatherfield skip to try and retrieve what was left of his worldly goods. Unfortunately for Les, his furniture already looked like it had come off a skip and so was impossible to find.

Tracy is having much more luck hitching herself to someone with money – but then she’s had far more experience at selling herself…and her baby come to that.

Tracy has decided to hook up with Ciaran, a decision that surely has nothing to do with the fact that Penny King has just given him £50,000 in invest in his new wine bar project.

She had better hold off booking that flight to Florida, however, as Ciaran unveiled his ambitious plans for Fusion. “We’re going to serve Irish-Thai food,” he proudly announced to a dumbstruck Shelly.

Elsewhere in Weatherfield, Martin and his child lover Katy have kissed and made up, much to the horror of their families and 16 million viewers. At least the pair have had the decency to go away on holiday, thus sparing us any more bedroom scenes for a while.

“How could yer do this to me?” screamed Sarah Lou when she heard the news. “Yer disgust me.”

Out of the mouths of babes…’

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