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Home (Wrecker) Secretary

by | 16th, August 2004

‘IF you walk like a Tory, talk like a Tory and attract unwanted headlines about your private life like a Tory, chances are you are a Tory.

Who’s getting their end away?

But if you put money on today’s headline maker being a true blue, you’d lose.

The Home Secretary, the man with the hard line on law and order who has been having an illicit love affair with a married mother-of-one, is as new Labour as they come.

Which is more than can be said for Kimberly Fortier, the 43-year-old brunette ‘beauty’ who’s been seeing David Blunkett for the past three years.

As the Sun reports, she’s the publisher of the Conservative-supporting magazine, the Spectator.

She’s also married, and, as the story goes, now unwilling to leave her husband for her lover.

And that’s a sad thing, because somewhere beneath all that unyielding Sheffield steel exterior beats the heart of a man suffering no little heartache.

And if you don’t believe us, look at the Mirror’s front page, where its readers have it confirmed in the headline, ‘BLUNKETT’S HEARTACHE’.

It seems the stress of being ‘deeply in love’ has taken a heavy toll on the Home Secretary.

He’s apparently refusing to comment on the story, preferring to let the Mirror come out with headlines like ‘LOVE SICK’ and spots about how his first love, Ruth Mitchell, from whom he split after 18 years together in 1988, ‘taught [the] blind boy to kiss’.

We’d shed a tear if only we hadn’t been so hardened by years of Tory sleaze, and cannot help but see Blunkett as a ‘love cheat’ a ‘rat’ and someone ‘caught with his pants down’.

But before the mood turns and ‘Blunkett’s True Love’ (Sun) turns to tabloid sensation, we learn in the Sun that, when Kimberley and Blunkett met, she tried to convince him that she was tall and blonde.

She’s not – she’s brunette, and, judging by the pictures of her, not overly tall.

And this makes us wonder what else she told our man who dared to love too much? That she was a poor Angolan asylum seeker in need of comfort and some cash?

And who but a man of granite could fail to fall for a sob story like that…’

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