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Into The Groove

by | 16th, August 2004

‘COME on, you builders – drop your pants a little lower and give a hearty Bronx cheer for National Cleavage Week.

Miss Monday

But – oops! – sorry, our mistake. The Star is no longer the official paper of our building sites and the cleavage week it celebrates on its front page is more to do with chests than bum cracks.

And don’t bother squeezing your man breasts into a Wonderbra because, when it comes to Cleavage Week, only the likes of Jennifer Ellison, blonde Michelle Marsh and her pal Sophie will do.

But you other girls can have a go, if you think you’re big enough. And the Star invites all cleavage flashers to contact Page 3 photographer Jenny Savage.

‘If you’ve got the looks and are prepared to put in the hard work, we want to hear from you,’ says Jenny.

Just send the Star – the ‘OFFICIAL’ paper of National Cleavage Week – a snap of yourself, your vital statistics, your occupation and some contact details and you too could be dipping a Cornetto between your assets on a wind-swept British beach.

But expect some stiff competition, because it’s also the ‘Sun’s National Cleavage Week’, which is like the Star’s official one, only different.

The one great similarity between the two is the duplicitous Michelle Marsh, who has hopped onboard the Sun’s breast bus.

As too have people like Clair Cummings, who took a ride on the Sun’s double decker when it crawled into Scarborough.

‘I was so excited when I heard The Sun was here,’ says Claire. ‘I’d love to be on Page 3 because I love showing off my breasts – I think they’re wonderful.’

And not a little bit cold…’

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