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A Mother’s Love

by | 16th, August 2004

‘EVER wondered what the parents of the shameless exhibitionists who appear on Big Brother think of their children?

A match made in a TV studio

No, neither have we. But OK! has and it went to Macclesfield to talk with Stuart Wilson’s mother, Siobhan.

And just like her son, Siobhan has brought along a few props – Stuart’s siblings, Janet and John.

And just in case we find them as uninteresting as their brother, OK! has equipped each of them with a prop of their own.

John has a guitar. Janet has a violin and, in a further shot, a copy of – yep, you guessed it – OK! magazine.

The only people missing from this homage to domestic bliss are Stuart’s father, Phil, and his other sister, Fiona.

Where are they? We can only hope they are too ashamed to actually lend their faces to this story.

But, for now, OK! has to work with the material it’s got, and it wonders what Siobhan thinks of her son’s girlfriend, the horrendous Michelle.

‘I wish she was a little more inhibited, but she’s young and we do silly things when we’re young,’ she says diplomatically.

Will the love affair last? ‘I’m confident their relationship will last. And that they will be a couple… I don’t know if it will last, though, because their relationship is built on very shaky ground; it doesn’t have a very solid foundation.’

She also thinks Michelle has a ‘jealous nature’. And when she first saw the Big Brother cast assemble, Mrs Wilson thought what a lovely girl Shell was and that it would be nice if she and Stu ‘teamed up’.

It’s all a little confusing. But things soon become clear when Siobhan offers her philosophy on her son’s romance.

Would Siobhan ever say anything bad if her son brought home a girl she didn’t like ?

‘Yes, I would,’ says she, ‘but I’d be very careful how I approached it. If you interfere with your children’s relationships, you can make them more determined.’

And for now, that means Michelle is just a lovely, sweet-hearted gel who has yet to visit chez Wilson…’

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