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by | 17th, August 2004

‘HERE’S the headline of the day: ‘Nadia: Why I Had It Off.’

‘Just think of all that cowpie’

In a couple of months’ time, a large part of you will scratch your heads and wonder who this Nadia is and what it was about the Sun’s headline that made us smile.

But for now, know that Nadia is Nadia Almada, the latest Big Brother winner, and what she had off was her manhood.

Today is Nadia’s first interview as reality TV’s champion of the moment.

It’s not actually with the Sun, but with Heat magazine – what with budgets and all that, the paper that deems Nadia worthy of its front page has simply taken a look at the showbiz periodical and snipped off the best bits for our pleasure.

Nadia tells us that she has always fancied men. We learn that when she became a woman she felt ‘beautiful’. And we read that since she first painted her nails at aged five, she knew she was different.

We also learn that when she started to dress as a woman – after moving to Brighton – she began to send her mother pictures of herself in dresses and high heels.

‘Apparently,’ says Nadia, ‘I look very much like my auntie, my dad’s sister.’

Of course, she means Uncle Alfonso, but we take her point and even wince in sympathy when we hear about her post-change pain and the ‘big nappy thing’ she awoke to find strapped to her groin.

She’s suffered has our Nadia. But she’s tough. She’s got what the Spanish call cojones. Just like her auntie…’

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