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Mob Rules

by | 17th, August 2004

‘JUST when you are about to despair of ever watching another decent television programme in your life, along comes the Sopranos for a fifth and penultimate series.

Shrink not rapt

It’s not just that there is no home-produced TV that is as good as this multi-award-winning mafia drama, it’s that there is nothing that even gets close.

The series opener was a relatively tame affair – Tony has moved out of his house and a brown bear has moved in. How anyone could tell the difference we don’t know.

Paul and Christopher fell out and made up by shooting a waiter in Atlantic City who complained about the tip they’d left – a response with which many people who have spend much time in the Land Of The Free will sympathise.

Tony turned on all his charm for Dr Melfi, his strangely attractive shrink, but got turned down and called her a ‘cunt’ – which is not a word that is probably he learned at Charm School.

But the background to the whole series is that a number of old mob bosses have just been released from prison…and some of them want their old jobs back. It’s going to be bloody…’

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